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At Mystic Valley, we are passionate about providing our community a welcoming and accepting environment. Here we support inclusion and well being of our customers, employees, and the community. We are proud to be the first Safe Space for LGBTQIA+ communities within Malden and greater boston.

We offer only the most effective products and environmentally conscious services, provided by our in-house Board Certified Hair Colorist.

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We are a Desk-Less Salon.

Welcome to our deskless salon, where innovation and convenience meet to provide you with a unique and hassle-free beauty experience. Unlike traditional salons, we have reimagined the concept by eliminating the need for a physical desk.

As a new client, your journey with us begins by booking your appointment online through our user-friendly website or mobile app. Upon arrival, you’ll be warmly greeted by our friendly staff who will guide you to your designated stylist. Our talented team of professionals will provide personalized services tailored to your specific needs, whether it’s a haircut, color treatment. With our deskless approach, you’ll enjoy a seamless and efficient process. The system also allows clients to select gender pronouns so they feel seen before they arrive for the first appointment.

We focus on enhancing your comfort and relaxation, ensuring that every moment you spend with us is dedicated to your well-being and transformation.


We look forward to welcoming you to our deskless salon, where convenience, quality, and customer satisfaction take center stage.

Green Circle Salon

Mystic Valley is proud to be a certified sustainable salon.

Green Circle Salons serves the North American salon industry by providing a pathway to sustainability. The community of Member Salons is devoted to reducing the environmental footprint of the beauty industry, while reaching new green-minded consumers.  They believe that the salon industry can play a crucial role in shaping more sustainable communities. Together we keep people AND the planet looking beautiful!

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Tues – Thurs: 10am – 8pm
5Fri & Sat: 10am – 5pm
Sun & Mon: Closed

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